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Layla is too chubby to be classed as a stunner but she is quite pretty and the guys from Latina Abuse had never really done a BBW Latina before so were happy for the chance. She was made to suck balls first then she had to suck on cock. The blowjob didn’t last long before she was gagging on cock as the cock went past her tonsils. She started drooling so much they made her hold a dog bowl under her mouth as they fucked her face. She lay on her back to give them a chance to push it further as the face fucking got faster and harder before coming on her face. They made her wipe it up with a tortilla then and eat it. Latina Abuse has this and many other dirty women being face fucked here.

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This is probably the first time the guys from Latina Abuse didn’t want to do a scene. They’ve gotten so used to having 18 year old beauties that when they get a bbw latina like Nena they just don’t want to do it so they just try to get the scene over with. They let her keep her clothes on after seeing her topless and shoved cock down her neck. She’s made to suck balls then the real throat fucking starts. They pound her throat fast and hard, drilling her throat and trying to finish quickly. She even took it lying down having balls bounce on her nose and still she didn’t give in, they even shoved a dildo down her neck. They were still face fucking her with a dildo as they squirted come on her face and into her open mouth. Latina Abuse has this and many other cock choking scenes.

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Ryan Sky is a pretty Latina whore who is such a sub she actually asked for this scene. She took cock well but not deep enough so they rammed cock down her throat hard. This usually brings tears but she just laughed so they clapped her face. She laughed again and told him he slapped like a bitch. That was the end of being nice.

Her head is held and she is face fucked at full speed but still laughed so they shoved a bag on her head. She called him an asshole and took a face slap that must have hurt. A hole is put in the bag so they can take turns fucking her face balls deep.

She is made to ride cock then which finally got her whining. She managed to take it all but not without a lot of whining. They bent her over then to spitroast her, her pussy filled and cock down her neck balls deep. She took it well and had stopped smiling by the time they nutted on her face. You can see Ryan Sky choking on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Sasha may be young but she has some sexual experience and whe she couldn’t find a regular job she decided that making a porn film is better than nothing. She had very little experience sucking cock though and the guys refuse to take it easy on anyone so after sucking their balls she had a cock forced in her mouth. They started pumping her face further and further until she backed away. The usual thing with this is a hand on the head which they tried and forced cock past her tonsils and straight away she puked. After a breather they tried again, fucking her face but seconds later the same happened so to give her a break they fucked her pussy then gave her face fucking one last go before spreading 3 loads of come all over her face. Watch this young dirty latina on her debut at Latina Abuse.

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Jade Minx looked great when they agreed to let her do a scene with them but when she stripped off she was like a skeleton with a little flesh draped over her. The guys prefer women with curves and at least some tits so they decided to try and get this scene over with, maybe even make her quit first.

With that in mind they sat her down and shoved cock down her neck, no preamble or messing around. This had her puking within seconds but she cam up smiling. They grabbed her head and face fucked her fast and hard, apart from more puke it made little difference so they decided to move on.

After having her impaled on their cock balls deep they decided to fuck her pussy from behind as deep as possible in the hope she’d quit. No luck again, she just seemed to egt excited and the rough sex just turned her on. After fucking her a load of different ways they got her to sit down for a face full of cum then left her. You can see skinny Jade Minx gagging on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Deanna is a Latina whore who was just trying to earn some extra cash but figured she could handle more than she could. The thing is the guys don’t like people who try to quit halfway through a scene so they made her push on and if anything fucked her throat even harder.

Deanna was stripped and make to kneel and suck balls to warm her up then a gentle blowjob to get ready. This never lasts long though and pretty soon they held her head and started forcing cock down her throat. It was while they were fucking her face she tried to quit but they pyshed past that.

Led on her back they fucked her face till she puked then made her impale herself face first and balls deep. When she had puked enough they decided to give her a break and fucked her pussy instead before making her ride cock. She sat down then to take loads of cum on her face. You can see Deanna cock choking at Latina Abuse.

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Angelica has not had any experience at being a throat whore so when she started this scene she wanted to know what she could do better. They were happy to tell her, making her swallow cock and fucking her face until they got their cock past her tonsils. They turned her upside down for better reach and got balls bouncing on her nose until her face was covered in goo. She still asked then what else she could do so they slapped her face before double penetrating her, fucking both holes hard. They sat her down and covered her face in come. Most girls are so unhappy about this they sulk but this sexy milf just wiped all the cum into her mouth. Watch this stunning milf take throat punishment at Latina Abuse.

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Nicki went to Latina Abuse with one rule, she wanted pain and she got it. She has always been the submissive one whether with a woman or man so did as she was told and stripped off. She sucked cock well but when they told her to swallow more cock she refused saying she couldn’t. Well, that wasn’t part of the deal so they held her head and forced cock down her neck till her eyes bulged and her face turned red. They stopped fucking her face when she puked everywhere and instead moved on to giving her some double penetration, ass and pussy. Later, after a few smacks she swallowed cock a lot better and was rewarded with a face full of come. See dirty men face fucking at Latina Abuse.

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The evening begins with Moretta thinking that this was gonna be like any other threesome and she should know because she’s had plenty. But this was going to be more of a face fucking fest for the boys and not so much for Moretta. Putting her on her knees the men take it in turns to shove their cocks down her throat until she is gagging on cock.

Initially Moretta finds it very hard to take it all but the men insist that she has every inch of their cocks in her mouth and really go to town on her. They want to make sure that this is one face fucking that she will never forget. Not happy with just making her gag on cock they decide to face fuck her with a huge toy too. the tears were streaming down her face but they were showing no mercy on her.

After their bit of fun they thought they would give her a bit of double penetration and she took it really well for such a small girl and actually enjoyed it. Moretta really enjoyed getting throat fucked but what was to come next was even better for her. They found her a massive toy to penetrate her ass while she fingered herself to orgasm. The men enjoyed it so muc that it wasn’t long befor the blew their load all over her face and tits covering her in cum. Watch more of Moretta at Latina Abuse.

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Lilah is a chubby girl that the guys really didn’t want to do the scene with but since they had to they made the most of it by giving her verbal abuse as well. She is stripped and made to sit as Red went straight to work ramming cock down her throat. She was gagging within seconds but he kept pounding her tonsils.

He sat her on the couch and forced his all of his cock past her tonsils and started face fucking her. He had her bend over then to be fucked from behind but before that he kicked her ass to show her how unhappy he was. She was also made to ride cock, taking it all until she was screaming.

He bent her over the couch and pounded her from behind until her ass was red then kept on going until he was ready. She was put on her knees and told to keep her eyes open as he spilled his cum all over her face then added to it with some spit. They even made her puke in a Sombrero and made her leave wearing it. You can see Lilah throat fucked at Latina Abuse.