Pain Slut Nicki Choking On Cock

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Nicki went to Latina Abuse with one rule, she wanted pain and she got it. She has always been the submissive one whether with a woman or man so did as she was told and stripped off. She sucked cock well but when they told her to swallow more cock she refused saying she couldn’t. Well, that wasn’t part of the deal so they held her head and forced cock down her neck till her eyes bulged and her face turned red. They stopped fucking her face when she puked everywhere and instead moved on to giving her some double penetration, ass and pussy. Later, after a few smacks she swallowed cock a lot better and was rewarded with a face full of come. See dirty men face fucking at Latina Abuse.

Moretta Gets It Double

Face fucking metal Moretta

The evening begins with Moretta thinking that this was gonna be like any other threesome and she should know because she’s had plenty. But this was going to be more of a face fucking fest for the boys and not so much for Moretta. Putting her on her knees the men take it in turns to shove their cocks down her throat until she is gagging on cock.

Initially Moretta finds it very hard to take it all but the men insist that she has every inch of their cocks in her mouth and really go to town on her. They want to make sure that this is one face fucking that she will never forget. Not happy with just making her gag on cock they decide to face fuck her with a huge toy too. the tears were streaming down her face but they were showing no mercy on her.

After their bit of fun they thought they would give her a bit of double penetration and she took it really well for such a small girl and actually enjoyed it. Moretta really enjoyed getting throat fucked but what was to come next was even better for her. They found her a massive toy to penetrate her ass while she fingered herself to orgasm. The men enjoyed it so muc that it wasn’t long befor the blew their load all over her face and tits covering her in cum. Watch more of Moretta at Latina Abuse.

Fat Girl Lilah Gagging On Cock

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Lilah is a chubby girl that the guys really didn’t want to do the scene with but since they had to they made the most of it by giving her verbal abuse as well. She is stripped and made to sit as Red went straight to work ramming cock down her throat. She was gagging within seconds but he kept pounding her tonsils.

He sat her on the couch and forced his all of his cock past her tonsils and started face fucking her. He had her bend over then to be fucked from behind but before that he kicked her ass to show her how unhappy he was. She was also made to ride cock, taking it all until she was screaming.

He bent her over the couch and pounded her from behind until her ass was red then kept on going until he was ready. She was put on her knees and told to keep her eyes open as he spilled his cum all over her face then added to it with some spit. They even made her puke in a Sombrero and made her leave wearing it. You can see Lilah throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

Lesbian Amelia Gagging On Cock

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Amelia is the butch type of lesbian, tight body, rides motorbikes, that type of thing so the guys were surprised she asked for this scene but happy for the chance to show her what men can do. She was stripped and her head held as the cock went past her tonsils very slowly and each second they expected her to gag thinking she probably had never tried deepthroat before being a lesbian.

She didn’t gag even after she was balls deep so out came the double dong. They forced that down her neck and held it there only to find this girl who can’t stand cocks can obviously swallow cock better than most. This upset them which resulted in her getting a few face slaps and them looking for others ways to hurt her.

She was bent over and fucked from behind which she didn’t seem to mind and she happily rode cock taking them deep. She was led on her back to be fucked some more then taken from behind again. Eventually they sat her down and took turns to leave her face a cum covered mess. You can see Amelia face fucked at Latina Abuse.

Dirty Latina Trixie Cock Gagging

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Trixie is a beautiful Latina who knows she is and these types just don’t go down well at Latina Abuse. She walked in all smug, dressed up nice and talking the talk. When they asked her to strip she actually went about it all slow and dancing like she was auditioning or something, this isn’t what they wanted.

They helped her strip fast with a few face slaps then held her head as she was made to swallow cock deeper than she ever had before. When they managed to get it balls deep and she was puking everywhere the cock gagging fast changed to face fucking which left her with puke all over the floor.

They made her swallow two cocks together before bending her over to fuck her pussy. She was made to lick ass then ride cock until she came. She was continually fucked through the pain barrier then left lying on the couch as they filled her eye sockets with cum. You can see Trixie taking cock balls deep at Latina Abuse.

Anelys Completes Her Face Fuck

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Anelys is a nice Latina that proved that once she starts something she finishes it. She was handed over to Pauly Harker and Rock who kept going at her full pelt. She was stripped and made to put her hands behind her back so she had no control then cock forced down her neck. They took turns as she was given face slaps as well.

She would stop every so often to puke, cry then start swallowing cock again. She was made to go on top as well so that when she puked it flowed easier and the tears were soon full blown sobs. When they had enough of her crying they made her ride cock taking it all the way which had her screaming.

After making way too fuss over being fucked they decided to teach her a lesson. She was bent over the couch and fucked from behind by one while the spitroast was completed by swallowing cock. Between the two of them they had her trying to scream in pain with a mouth full of cock. She was sat down then to take two loads of cum on her face. You can see Anelys cock choking at Latina Abuse.

Wanda Garcia Face Fucked

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Wanda Garcia is a 19 year old from Venezuela that is so submissive they could have stripped her and told her to sit outside in the snow and she would have done it. As it was they didn’t want her for that. They got her to strip and sit on the floor so they could fuck her throat instead.

They held her head as they face fucked her then turned her upside down so they could fuck her throat with a bit more ease. She never pulled away until she needed room to puke and even this didn’t happen until she was on her back being face fucked balls deep.

The cock was back down her throat within seconds and she puked again. They found out she had never had anal before so decided to treat her to that then because they fancied it they also double penetrated her until she squealed. They covered her face in cum then used tortilla chips to scoop it up and make her swallow it. You can see Wanda face fucked and double penetrated at Latina Abuse.

Lola Takes A Good Face Fucking

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Lola is a stunning Latina who claimed she had to try this if only the once. I think I can say that after the throat fucking she took that it will be only the once. She stripped off for them showing off her lovely big tits and spread her ass wide to show them what was to come.

They made her kneel as they forced cock down her neck then the face fucking started for real. They took turns with the face fucking making sure she swallowed cock balls deep. While one fucked her throat the other was holding her face, mouth and eyes forced wide.

After that they took turns fucking her pussy in a variety of positions. When she had ridden cock for a while they went back to face fucking her till she was choking on cock once more. They say her down to take a face full of cum at the end that left her almost in tears. You can see Lola become one of the throat gaggers at Latina Abuse.

Rhiannon Choking On Cock And Ass Fucked

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Rhiannon will be the first to admit to being a dirty Latina whore who has no limits. The guys wasted no time trying to find some though as they stripped her off and shoved cock down her throat. She started choking on cock immediately but held on as they fucked her face.

She managed to take it quite well until they got it balls deep then she had to have a break as the puke came out of her too fast. They had her choking on cock for a bit longer before bending her over and taking turns to fuck her ass. They used her in a few different positions before fucking her face some more.

They left this dirty Latina with a gaping ass then sat her in the middle of the floor. The guys took turns then to leave thick white cum on her face. Her eye socket was filed to the point she couldn’t open her eyes. You can see Rhiannon choking on cock at Latina Abuse.

Dirty Latina Angel Gagging On Cock

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When Angel went into this scene she said she could handle anything. The guys had heard this before and thought she was just another big mouth and they knew how to use big mouths. This girl was different though, she hadn’t even taken her clothes off when she started sucking cock and within seconds had swallowed cock balls deep.

They doubled up on her then, one fucking her pussy pushing her mouth hard onto the others cock. She moaned but that wasn’t enough for them so they sat her down and started fisting her mouth till she puked. After that they fucked her mouth till she was gagging on cock but even while puking she never took the cock from her mouth.

They bent her over to fuck her pussy again while the throat fucking continued and once again she proved how good she was by not puking any more. This girl had enough confidence and they now knew why. They sat her down then so they could cum on her face and left a puddle of cum in her eye sockets. you can see this girl gagging on cock at Latina Abuse.