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Wanda Garcia is a 19 year old dirty Latina whore who has already done a lot of pornos even though she is just 19 years old. Being just 19 though meant she was very submissive and this helped as they taught her what a dirty Latina can be used for, to swallow cock. They were soon forcing cock down her neck and even did that while she had some cloth in her mouth.

They laid her on her back to fuck her throat a bit deeper and harder until she was puking and had tears streaming down her face before shoving her face first into her own puke. She was made to swallow cock a bit more and a few hard ass smacks made sure she did as she was told.

She had her ass fucked next then took a double penetration for the first time in her life. She screamed like she was being gutted but didn’t try and get off their cocks. After that she was sat down and made to keep her eyes and mouth open as they left a load of cum on her face. You can see Wanda at Latina Abuse.

Lola Takes A Throat Fucked Train

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Lola is part Indian part Latina but all stunning and is the most submissive girl to ever do one of our scenes. This was her first ever scene so she probably thought she had to do everything she was told without question so she stripped off quickly when asked and started sucking cock.

They managed to get cock down past her tonsils then she was made to keep her eyes open as she was throat fucked. They took turns then, one after the other as she was throat fucked almost continuously and never once did she back away or complain. They even stretched her mouth wide to make sure she took the whole cock down her neck.

When she proved how well she could handle being throat fucked they moved on to fucking her pussy. She then climbed on top to ride cock as deep as they could give it. You can see Lola in her debut at choking on cock as well as other throat fucked women at Ghetto Gaggers.

Dirty Latina Jazz Throat Fucked

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Jazz applied for this scene and spent most of it complaining about what they were doing to her, didn’t she know what this site is about? She stripped off and looked good, nice body and so on and was happy to suck cock for the camera but that must have been all she thought she had to do.

Even holding her head still as they tried to force cock down her neck was difficult so a few slaps to the face were needed. After that she calmed down and started swallowing cock though she had to be held as they forced cock past her tonsils. When she had stopped puking they started fucking her throat hard.

After that she was made to ride cock with it going deep in her pussy. She was bent over then to be fucked from behind as she was forced to swallow cock with her arms held behind her back so she couldn’t back away. They sat her down to have cum splattered over her face and hair. You can see Jazz cock choking at Latina Abuse.

Maid Dani Cock Gagging For Cash

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Dani worked at Latina Abuse as a maid but one day asked if she could do a scene as she needed the extra cash. She was quite pretty and they were happy to help her out. She was stripped off and started sucking cock within an hour of asking but as with all girls she bit off more than she could chew.

She kept backing off as they tried to get more cock down her neck till they told her if she couldn’t do it they couldn’t pay her. She did well after that, even letting them fuck her face balls deep as she lay on her back but she could only manage that for so long so they came up with another idea.

They made her ride cock with the cock in her ass then after a few more minutes they stuck another cock in her pussy. She took the double penetration really well and even managed to smile as she sat there as 3 loads of cum hit her face. You can see the maid getting throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

Lily Charms First Ever Face Fucking

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Lily Charms is only 18 and a stunning Latina so the guys were fighting for who would get the pleasure of fucking her face for the first time. She’d never tried anything this extreme at home and this was her first porno so she had no idea what was coming. It wasn’t long before Red had his cock down her neck though.

An handful of hair kept her still as he pounded her tonsils before she was put on the couch so he could get deeper. He fucked her throat till she was puking everywhere then used his hands to stretch her mouth. Once stretched enough she was on her back on the couch again till he got balls deep.

She was bent over to have her pussy fucked by his massive cock till she screamed and begged for a break. He gave her that but made up for it when he had her upside down on the couch and used his full length till she was in tears. She was made to kneel with her eyes open as he shot his load on her face. You can see Lily Charms get her throat violated at Latina Abuse.

Dirty Latina Lisi Takes A Face Fucking

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Lisi is a first time Latina mouth whore who before this said she liked giving blowjobs. She also said she loved being a submissive and doing as she was told so they put her to the test. They got her to strip then got a blowjob before telling her to swallow it all. In all fairness she got it quite deep, just not as deep as they wanted.

Her head was held as the cock went past her tonsils and her nose was against his belly and she tried to stay there, coming up for air and to puke but she went straight back onto it when told to. She even licked his ass when told and you could tell how much she hated that.

She impaled her throat on his cock some more before they took turns fucking her pussy. She got on top then to ride them hard before sitting down as they took turns leaving a load of cum on her head.You can see Lisi at Latina Abuse.

Gabriel Is A Dirty Latina Cock Gagger

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Gabriel is a stunning Latina whore that loves to show off what she can do. Without being asked she stripped off and spread her ass to show the guys what they would have later but they weren’t interested in that just yet. They opened her mouth and shoved cock down her neck.

When she backed away a few slaps and a hand on her head held her steady as they fucked her throat hard and fast. They even tried to force two cocks down her neck at the same time. The faster they thrust the more juices flowed from her mouth and nose. They lay her on her back and fucked her face at full speed as she blew chunks.

They bent her over then and took turns fucking her pussy. This stunner was so horny she started fingering herself at the same time till she came then sat on the floor. They usually spread cum on her face to humiliate the women but instead of that she wiped it up with her fingers and swallowed it all. See this true Latina slut over at Latina Abuse.

Dirty Latina Azra Cock Gagging For The First Time

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Azra is from the Dominican Republic and was actually invited to do this scene instead of applying for it. The guys liked the look of her that much they said they had to have her. Luckily she needed the cash so accepted. She looked awful shy as she stripped off but soon got into it showing what a Latina whore she really is.

She wouldn’t even take her knickers off as she started to swallow cock and wouldn’t take it deep until she had a helping hand forcing her head down. The cock went deeper until she was choking on cock and spewing her guts up. Once the cock passed her tonsils she was throat fucked at full speed as the puke flew in all directions but she never complains once.

For being so good they left her throat alone and concentrated on taking turns fucking her pussy will she was sore then because she moaned about that they tried to force two cocks down her throat but couldn’t quite manage it. After that she was led on her back so they could fuck her throat at full speed. She was made to sit still then as she had her face splattered with three loads of cum. You can see her over at Latina Abuse.

Erotica Gets To Gag On Cock

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Erotica is only 19 and as such is usually in need of cash. Unluckily her boyfriend is the jealous type and never leaves her alone so insisted on driving her to what he thught was a photo shoot. She left him in the car, came in stripped off and got on her knees ready to have her throat pounded.

Without any time to waste they start off hard, a few seconds to get the cock wet with spit before ramming cock down her neck. It isn’t long before she is gagging on cock with an hand on her head to stop her backing off. There were 3 guys so she had a lot of throat fucking to get through.

They fucked her throat in a load of different positions, on the couch, bed and led on the floor. She took it all fairly well but with limited time it was a face fuck for her to remember. They sat her down and all 3 left cum on her face. She dried it off quick before going back to her boyfriend all smiles. You can see Erotica cock swallow at Latina Abuse.

Cock Gagging 18 Year Old Sasha


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This is Sashas first porno shoot as this lovely Latina has just turned 18. She was introduced into it well though, stripped off and 3 guys forcing cock down her neck. Her hair was held and she was forced to take it balls deep before the face fucking started in earnest. It wasn’t long before the puke started flying.

She was made to swap back and fore cocks with barely enough time to breath before being put on top and made to impale her face on cock. The puke was coming from her nose so the guys decided she’d had enough. They lay her on her back with her legs in the air so they could fuck her pussy to give her throat a rest.

Next she was made to ride cock, making sure to take it all. Her tits were slapped hard as she was made to ride first one cock then the next. They even kicked her ass while she was riding to make sure she knew to go deep enough. They sat her down then to take 3 loads to her face. You can see Sasha choking on cock at Latina Abuse.