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Isabella Gonzalez was so tiny they were almost afraid she’d break. At just 97 pounds, under 7 stone, her throat was barely big enough to take the cock going down it but the guys are thorough and made sure she took it all. She started off on her knees as they skull fucked her but she was light enough to lift up so they did.

She was dropped head first onto a cock which went straight down her throat. A hand to the back of her head meant she couldn’t back away and she was held there until she puked. After that she was placed on top and made to impale herself. The gagging cock choking went on for a few more minutes before they decided to test her other holes.

On top she was soon screaming as he pounded her pussy giving her no control. The screaming got so loud when he took her from behind they decided to teach her a lesson. They rammed a dildo in her pussy then down her throat so hard she couldn’t speak, had to use hand gestures to get them to stop. After that she knelt to have her face covered in cum. You can see Isabella gag on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Crystal Lopez is so small that they were almost afraid of breaking her. She proved size doesn’t matter though as she knelt there taking Paul Harkers cock down her neck. He held her head steady and fucked her throat hard, she was so petite though that you could see his cock pushing her neck out, sickening sight but she took it all balls deep.

They really went to town on her then making her swallow a massive dildo with a plunger on it and again she took it all. Next she went on top and impaled her face on cock taking it all the way in. Throughout all this you can see how much his cock is filling her throat.

She sits on top for him to fuck her ass and proves she has no limits as she takes all his cock once more. Admittedly she moans and screams in pain, especially when he bent her over on all fours but she never once asked to stop. The thing she seemed most upset about was kneeling for the cum on her face. You can see Crystal giving a perfect skull fuck at Latina Abuse.

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At 19 years old Janessa Ortiz decides the best way to get into the porn business is to show that she can take whatever these guys have to dish out. Stripped and on her knees her head and chin had to be held before they could get balls deep cock down her neck but she stuck it out well.

On her back on the couch she was even better as he fucked her face good and hard, never letting up on the pace adn although she pushed back once or twice she took everything her had. Bent over to have her pussy pounded they shoved her head in the bowl of puke before lying her on her back so he could fuck her tight ass.

She rides him well with his cock in her ass then is bent over standing up so he can pound her pussy hard. Lying on the couch with her legs in the air he manages to get even deeper making her take his whole length then sits her on the floor to cum on her face. Not a bad debut for one of the new throat gaggers which can be seen at Latina Abuse.

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Danielle Sky was the one the guys couldn’t break. They had her strip and get on her knees then held her head as they fucked her face going as deep as possible to try and make her puke. The girl has no gag reflex whatsoever. They held cock past her tonsils for ages but there was more chance of her passing out than puking.

When she was on her back and he was fucking her throat he pounded her fast and furious but she never gave in. After that he led on his back and had her lower her face onto his cock and used both hands to hold her down. After finally giving up they put her on her back to fuck her pussy.

On all fours next he fucked her from behind before getting her to tide him. She seemed to be able to take it in her mouth a lot easier and because she wasn’t taking all his cock he put her on her back. Finally in control he fucked her pussy with his full length before sitting her down for a faceful of cum. You can see Danielle gagging on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Dasani is over the hill now at 29 years old but was so willing to try anything the guys gave her a shot. She bragged she had never been made to puke so the guys took the challenge. She is stripped and put on her knees so they can fuck her throat hard before she is led on her back holding her legs giving them total control over how deep she swallows cock.

She is led upside down on the couch and made to lick his ass before he shoves his cock down her neck and holds it there until she pukes. A bit of a cheat but alls fair in making them puke. she was on all fours next with his foot on her head as he pounded her pussy hard making her scream.

He tried her out in all positions then, her riding his cock or bent over touching the floor while standing so he could get as deep as possible. He even took her from behind facing the wrong way which made her scream even louder before she was made to sit while he emptied his balls on her face. You can see Dasani throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

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Deanna is a stunning Latina but this is the third time one has wanted to quit partway through the scene. She looks stunning and stripped off to show lovely tits but would not swallow cock properly. After holding her head though they finally managed to get cock down her neck till she was puking.

After this though she asked to quit but the threat of no pay and a few face slaps later and she was fine to go on. They ended up lying her on her back on the couch which gave them better access so they could face fuck her deeper and harder. After a lot more puking though they made her clean it up before carrying on.

Made to swallow cock from on top they took it a bit easier on her and she hadn’t puked any more for a while so they got her to ride cock instead. She seemed to enjoy being fucked but was a lot more upset when she got off and they knelt her down to cover her face in cum. You can see Deanna giving a cum blowjob at Latina Abuse

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The original plan was for Juana to take a face fucking from Bootleg but after seeing her and noticing she was toothless he refused which left it up to Big Red who is happy to abuse anyone. On her knees with her hands behind her back he used a hand on her chin and one behind her head to force his cock down her throat.

After a while they got bored though with one fucking her ass while she choked on cock from another. A few tit slaps followed before she was led on her back and the cock from her ass was soon down her throat. He fucks her ass some more before having her lick it clean then lets her up.

She is bent over the couch to be ass cuked from behind as he slaps her tits and spanks her ass. He fucked her so hard and fast she was screaming into the couch. When they were ready she was knelt down and told to keep her mouth open as they took turns leaving their cum on her face. You can see Juana gagging on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Clarissa is a lesbian and admits to never having sex with a guy before so the guys knew this would be fun. They knelt her down and had her keep her hands low as they started fucking her face. They soon managed to get balls deep and surprisingly she took it very easily. Even with cock past her tonsils she didn’t seem too bothered.

He led on his back and had her swallow cock with both hands behind her head. He would push her down for a second, let her back up for a second then back down balls deep. After she was used to it he held her head down and fucked her face at full speed. They found her weakness soon after that when they had her ride cock.

She bounced up and down on his cock but couldn’t seem to get her position right, she just didn’t know how to get comfortable. In the end Bootleg put her on her side and fucked her pussy while she kept looking away as if she couldn’t watch. After that they knelt her down for a face full of cum. The guys said later she was the best cock swallower they’d had on the show. Just proves that anyone can be good at anything. You can see Clarissa throat fucking at Latina Abuse.

Cock Choking Porn Star Ava Gardener

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While Ava Gardener may have been a decent porn star she just wasn’t equipped to cock swallowing the way the guys do it. Within seconds of the cock passing her tonsils she was puking so they had to have her hold the dogs bowl under her chin. She was made to impale her face on his cock and the bowl had to be moved to the centre to catch everything.

One good thing for her is that even at 26 she has a lovely body that the guys couldn’t wait to use so they had her bend over while still on her feet to fuck her from behind. They slapped her tits while fucking her before getting her on her knees and bending back so they could get deeper in her pussy.

Not happy with how much cock swallowing she had done they had her on her knees again and made her take two cocks down her throat until she had snot bubbles growing larger than ever before. When ready they had her kneel to take loads of cum on her face. You can see Ava gag on cock at Latina Abuse.

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This was the first ever porn shoot for Carlina and it showed with all the tears. They decided on a different tact with her especially after making fun of her speech impediment. They bent her over and she was ass fucked with no lube and no messing about. On her feet and bent over this way getting her ass fucked she was double teamed and a cock down her neck stopped her screaming as she had her ass pounded. It took about 3 thrusts balls deep before she was puking but the guys didn’t let up and carried on fucking her face and ass.

She was bent over the couch then to have her ass pounded some more with them taking turns before they lay on the couch and had her lower her face onto his cock. The dogs bowl was already quite full of puke and with his hand on her head keep his cock past her tonsils he started to fuck her face at full speed. It isn’t long before her stomach is totally empty so they have her ride cock instead with his cock in her ass. They double team her again, this time a cock in her pussy and one in her ass in a classic double penetration.

After that she is bent over the couch again to have her ass raped over and over. When they are finally done with her they put her on her knees to take turns leaving her face covered in cum. Wanting a bit more fun they then make her lean her head back and pour the contents of the dogs bowl over her face leaving her a total mess. You can see this stunning sirty Latina Carlina having her face fucked and double penetrated at Latina Abuse.